Toxins in Children

Post By: Molly Hover, Upstream Research Marketing Manager

Sometimes it is only a parent’s awareness that stands between chemicals and our children”

-Penelope Chaffer

In December 2010, Penelope Chaffer and Tyrone Hayes gave a Ted Talk called“Toxic Baby,” which focused on toxins in baby care products that are transferred from women to their children. Her research and video point to an astonishing increase in chemicals available in our bodies that our grandparents did not have. This, in turn, has a drastic affect on our childhood. Some skyrocketing childhood diseases are leukemia, obesity, juvenile diabetes, and premature diabetes.

Co-speaker Tyrone Hayes is an “expert in frogs,” but his results relate to public health because of the link between pesticides and products that we consume (and are then carried over to our children) and change our bodies.

Full video below:

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