Dear Governor Cuomo

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Post By: Molly Hover, Upstream Research™ Marketing Manager

Music has often been called the universal language. There is something about lyrics, notes, and melody that people–no matter their race, religious background, sexual identify, or political affiliation–are drawn to and respond to. And when music is used for good to get a message across, it is perhaps more powerful and more persuasive than any other method of awareness.

Dear Governor Cuomo is a concert protest film produced by Ocean 8 Films and directed by Jon Bowermaster. The piece cuts between protests in New York governmental buildings, interviews with leaders in the movement like Mark Ruffalo and Julia Walsh (Frack Action founder) and the concert event benefitting NY Against Fracking at “The Egg” performance hall in Albany, NY.

Similar to the director’s other film, Dear President Obama, this film highlights the environmental and medical disasters that fracking has created and pressures NY’s Governor Cuomo to take action. Ruffalo describes it perfectly in his protest speech: “We are here to implore you to stop the course that has been set.”

The government workers, policymakers, scientists, medical community and the public involved throughout the film are united by the common effort to ban fracking (specifically lift to memorandum in place) and help reverse the negative effects that it has already created.

One slide during the concert read: “There have been more than 1,000 confirmed cases of ground water contamination in the states where fracking is allowed,” which is just one of the many issues fracking creates.

The biggest takeaway from Dear Governor Cuomo is that it is not a political film. It does not ally itself with any particular partisanship, but it does stand firm on the idea that fracking is harmful and should be banned. The end song “Nothing Ever Happens” is perhaps a testament to the people’s struggle against big business and unrelenting government but there is also hope throughout the video that fracking will become an obsolete practice.

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