What To Look For in a Neighborhood

Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

Post By: Molly Hover, Upstream Research Marketing Manager

If you have young kids and are looking for a home, you are not alone in thinking that more than the house itself matters. It’s the neighborhood. Before you pour over listings and prepare for tours, go through this checklist from the American Planning Association:

  • How accessible is the neighborhood?–This could be to a school, downtown, cafes, your work, or anything else important in your daily life.

  • Does it promote safety?–Traffic, security cameras, gates, the list goes on.

  • Does it use, protect, and/or enhance the natural environment?

  • Does it have character?–This could mean anything from the way the land it plotted to the community of neighbors.

  • How does it promote and protect water/soil/air quality?–this could be tree cover, “green” features, or a number of city or neighborhood led initiatives to protect the environment.


Happy house hunting!


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