Dear President Obama

Post By: Molly Hover, Upstream Research Marketing Manager

What would you do if an oil rig, fracking company, or power plant moved next door? What if, on top of being an eyesore, this construction was leeching into your soil and water supply and contaminating your and your family's health?

This is unfortunately a reality for many people across the United States, most particularly in rural areas but likewise affected in cities. Dear President Obama is a documentary piece produced by Ocean 8 films and narrated by Mark Ruffalo in an attempt to bring these environmental missteps to light.

One part of the story follows Sal Bombardiere, a former fracker based in West Virginia whose health was directly affected by his work. In his account, the company he was working for repeatedly ignored his assertions that he needed to see a doctor and that he believed his health was being negatively impacted on the fracking plant. In fact, they prevented him getting proper blood work until it was too late. After multiple visits, his doctor called and notified Bombardiere that he had cancer.

“I’ve already made my funeral arrangements,” he said.

Bombardiere and others equally affected by fracking’s close quarters are given a voice in Dear President Obama in an effort to raise awareness of and help prevent this environmental issue with its many negative consequences. 


Click here to see snippets of the documentary. 

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