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Post By: Molly Hover, Upstream Research™ Marketing Manager

If you’ve found yourself wondering how your environment affects your health, you’re not alone. After behavior, the environment around you impacts your health the most–this includes the air you breathe, the water you drink and the soil under your feet.

Upstream Reports™ makes the environment personal.

Our web app launches today through and allows users to input any address in the continental U.S and receive an environmental Report within seconds. The Report compiles terabytes of federal, state and local data and displays it in a user-friendly format that outlines environmental risk of the area, gives contextual graphs and provides an "Action" function for further involvement.

Why? Because Where You Live Matters, doesn’t it? It’s where you spend time with your family, lounge on lazy Sundays and have loved ones over for holidays and major events. The environment outside of your home unfortunately does not stay there and can affect you and all those living in your home.

Upstream Research believes everyone has the right to access information about where they live, work and play which is why every person gets a free Report on the location of their choice when they register at

Still curious? Our Sample Reports like this one of the New York City Hall show carcinogen release points, “toxic schools,” risk of cancers and other diseases, and other health data like asthma rates in the surrounding area.

Where You Lives Matters, but it can only improve with awareness and action.

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