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Prior to 1978, the regulation on building materials for homes was nowhere near what it is now. Lead paint was prominent, asbestos was just beginning to be looked at as harmful and lead poisoning was yet to be an addressed issue. In 2016, most of us know to inquire about the paint of a home built before ’78 but we may not fully understand why.

The World Health Organization (WHO), released a graphic recently with the title #BanLeadPaint. The simple design shows a paint can with statistics about lead paint. Some of these include:

  • “Fact: Lead is Toxic” and damages the brain, kidneys, liver, blood and reproductive system.
  • “Young children are most vulnerable.”
  • “In pregnant women…also affects the developing fetus.”

These are a few negative consequences of lead exposure, not just in paint but in all manner of ways. A news release from the EPA on October 25 of this year announced its activities for “Lead Poisoning Prevention Week.” The greater mission of such a week is to show that “lead poisoning is 100 percent preventable and 0 percent irreversible.”

Although the article outlined events in only one county, there is something to be said for bringing this issue to the greater public’s awareness and promoting the use of lead-free products in future.

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