Childhood Asthma On the Rise– How To Prevent It

Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

Post By: Willow Hill, Upstream Research Director of Marketing

Asthma affects over 6 million children in the United States alone and the number is rising. Some cities are at risk more than others including: Memphis, Tennessee; Richmond, Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania among the list of the top ten.  Changing cities is not always an option for families caring for a child with asthma. To avoid attacks and risk of childhood asthma here is a list of potential triggers and risks:

  • Reduce exposure to air on days that are too hot or too cold

  • Do not smoke in the home, in the car or around children

  • Keep the home clean and maintain a low humidity

  • Keep pets out of the bedroom

  • Use allergen-proof pillows

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