Key Considerations When Choosing a School District

Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

Post By: Willow Hill, Upstream Research Director of Marketing

Purchasing a new home for your family can be both an exciting and daunting process. Choosing a good school district is one of the top considerations in home buying for current and future parents. Options vary from local public schools to private and charter schools. As a parent, the list of considerations that goes into judging the quality of a school usually consists of the following:

  • Distance from home

  • Reputation and testing scores

  • Child’s learning style

  • School curriculum and approach to learning

While these are key things to research, another consideration that should be examined but is often overlooked is the environmental health of a location. The environment accounts for around 28% of human health. For children, a healthy environment is key to both their mental and physical growth. Many major cities in the United States have aging infrastructure that can affect the quality of drinking water in schools. This year alone, lead was found in the water of elementary schools in Flint, Michigan ; Portland, Oregon; and Chicago, Illinois–a growing trend as drinking water is tested across the United States. As a parent it is important to take the health of your neighborhood schools into consideration before purchasing a home in a specific school district. Adding environmental health to the top of your school district checklist list will help keep kids healthy long term.


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