A Time After the Flood?

Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

Post By: Molly Hover, Upstream Research™ Marketing Manager

The environment has been a hot topic in the media for a while–especially following Election Day 2016. Before the Flood is a feature length documentary-style film that follows narrator Leonardo DiCaprio as he explores the world’s environmental degradations and the actions that must be taken to reverse them.

The film, which is being referred to as 2016’s An Inconvenient Truth equivalent, was a joint project with National Geographic and produced by Martin Scorsese and DiCaprio himself. DiCaprio opens the scene speaking to an assembly as the newly appointed U.N Messenger of Peace. In this role, he is met both with approval and with contempt and controversy as key figures question his position and his lack of experience with climate control.

“Try to have a conversation about anyone about climate change and they just tune out,” DiCaprio says within the first few minutes of the film.

And it's true. Whether someone avidly believes in change, opposes it, or is unsure with the rhetoric floating around they are more than likely despondent about the current climate situation. However, this film seeks to shine a light on the dark landscape of the warming planet.

Another poignant quote in the film: “Planet Earth is such a small boat and if this boat sinks, I think we will have to all sink together.” Although slightly hopeless, this again is meant to wake people up. Earth is the home to people of every race, color, religion, sexual identity, and personality. And it's high time we begin to take care of it as our home.

Namely, the film focuses on fossil fuels and the extreme consequences of fracking and mountaintop removal.

“There is no such thing as clean fossil fuel.”

And there isn't. So, where do we go from here? Certainly not to what has caused a problem in recent news and is leading to all sorts of diseases (see our blog posts Super Polluters: A Super Problem, Playing with Fossils, & Dear Governor Cuomo). If there was a time before the flood (and there certainly was), then together we can find a way after it.


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