HIMSS 17 – A Review

Post By: Molly Hover, Upstream Research™ Marketing Manager

Lights, action, colors. Giveaways, promos, and staged presentations. These are the sights you might typically associate with a trip to NYC or Las Vegas. Yet picture this scene inside a massive convention center in Orlando, Florida with tens of thousands of exhibitors (“the brightest minds”) showing the latest innovations in health and IT.

This is the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Convention – or, HIMSS 2017. 

The annual event is the largest healthcare tradeshow in the United States with over 40,000 attendees from all over the states and the world. Upstream Research participated with our partner, Cognosante and their other partner Protenus in booth #3323. The “theme” of the weekend was tracking lead exposure in a particular Missouri neighborhood – calculating risk, taking this risk to better help a patient, and altogether transforming healthcare – a topic that is all too familiar in recent news.

In fact, many of the innovations seen in walking around the booths were pushing the envelope on traditional healthcare. Improving the patient experience, applying analytics and Big Data, and customization within these realms were some of the largest overall themes. Companies like Cognosante, MITREESO Solutions, ERSI, and Orion Health are leading their respective areas in the healthcare industry so that patients can get more out of their healthcare and live healthier lives overall.

While this convention is a show of sorts with prizes, games and gadgets, it is also an important display of possibility.

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