Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

Post By: Molly Esselstrom, Upstream Research™ Marketing Manager

Solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Policy changes are one, large solution. Education, awareness, protesting, and inventions are others. When it comes to pollution eradication, there are many ways people can make a difference. But it’s also important to be aware of your own health in highly polluted areas.

Dermalogica is one such invention and solution to rapidly aging skin for those in areas that are highly polluted. Upon entering the website, users receive a personalized Skin Pollution Index based on pollution in their area. This gives a number and calculates the risk based on the pollutants in the area and then goes on to explain ground-level ozone.

That’s not the only function of the website, though. Dermalogica is a skincare product line that is specifically designed to deeply cleanse skin of pollutants and reduce the signs of aging in higher risk areas. The company also tries to educate people on the harmful affects of pollution on skin and other aspects of health. Although it may seem like a small step in the progress against pollution, awareness and personal action are where any big goals begin. 

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