2/3 – Visualizing Environmental Risk: Lead Exposure

Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

As we have talked about many times in our blog posts, lead poses a big risk to our country. Flint’s crisis was only the beginning of a conversation that should have started long before it did. Our first words on the subject should have been about prevention of lead in the water, not just eradication. Now, the fact remains that we must do something to make sure that we do not have more crises like Flint’s water.

Unfortunately, in the datasets Upstream have input since our company’s beginnings in mid 2015, we have realized that there are many areas of high lead risk – some places where it’s even higher than Flint’s. On our website, we have added a two tabs to our risk mapLead Risk Exposure and Children Under 5 – that people can use to track their exposure. Lead Risk Exposure is self-explanatory and can be used to see in what percentile of risk someone’s area is. The Children Under 5 tab speaks to our mission of fighting for children’s environmental rights and outlines how many children in a given area are at a high risk for lead exposure.

The main point of these tabs on our risk map is to make people aware of their personal environment – with knowledge leading to empowerment.

Upstream does not seek to outline correlation or causation with our datasets; we simply wish to inform and empower the public. Get your own 5 free Reports by clicking the button below.