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Post By: Molly Esselstrom, Upstream Research™ Marketing Manager

What children learn usually stays with them into adulthood. When children learn about the environment, they become earth advocates.

Julian Lennon (yes, he's John Lennon's son) and Bart Davis recently released a children’s book called “Touch the Earth.” The book is geared toward 3-6 year old readers (and their parents of course) and is about an educational journey on a plane called the White Feather Flier. Fun fact: Julian created The White Feather Foundation for the “conservation of life” by focusing on humanitarian and environmental issues. The name is in part inspired by his father and symbolizes connectivity and peace. 

In the book, the White Feather Flier can transport readers anywhere in the world so they can help save the planet. The goal is to bring children closer to the environment and teach them to love the planet and its people. Even better? The book is interactive (not digital for a nice change) and readers are meant to ‘fly’ the plane by tilting the book to steer and zoom in as well as press buttons that have positive environmental implications in the storyline.

The book is the first in a trilogy and all proceeds will support the efforts of the White Feather Foundation.

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